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The Editor is a QuickBooks App for use with QuickBooks Online and Desk Top versions.

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Recently the Elks organization has adopted a plan to improve its financial reporting and monitoring. The new program called the 'Financial Reporting System' or FRS, is designed to get all Lodges to keep their accounting records using an Elks standard chart of accounts. We believe this new system will substantially improve the financial reporting and financial decision making at the local Lodge level.

We offer software and services to assist Lodges to manage their financial reporting. We have been able to help several lodges to comply with the new reporting requirements. Following are the services we are offering:

Monthly transmittal of financial transaction to the Grand Lodge system.
After the initial setup, the monthly transaction files can be sent with a relatively easy one button click. Just set the month end date, and click 'export'.

Preparation of monthly financial statements for internal use by the Lodge.
These statement are in the style of the Grand Lodge financial statements and provide the Lodge with the same information that the DDs are receiving. The reports are much more complete than the reports that can be produced by QuickBooks.  See Sample Statements

Preparation of the year end 990 Federal and State Tax return.
Because our system is able to link with your QuickBooks file, we can create the tax return in a much more cost effective manner than other alternatives.

Year end adjusting entries and review. For those Lodges that would like help doing the year end review and adjustment, we can help.

Review of the Lodge's compliance with the Grand Lodge Reporting requirements and provide recommendation of corrective actions, if any.

Quarterly analysis of the Lodge's financial results. Get ahead of what the DD and the annual audits may recommend. Get some confidential outside thoughts on how the Lodge is doing.

The cost of the initial setup will be based on the services requested and complexity of the setup. The average fee is about $150.00. After reviewing your Lodges situation, we will provide a fixed cost for the setup before we start any work.  It will come with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you decide to not use our App, for any reason, we will credit you for any unpaid fees. If after the initial setup the Lodges wish to continue using eClientLink the anual subscription fee is $15.00 per month, billed annually.

To sign up for a Free 30 day trial of eClientLink, select the 'SignUp/Login' from the menu above.  

If you would like more information please contact us at

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eClientLink is not associated with the Elks organization. eClientLink is a separate advisor organization.