After a Statement has been started (see Create Statement Wizard help), the Statement Body Lines Wizard option can be selected to add lines to the new or existing Statement.




From this page various options can be selected to add lines to your Statement. The options are:

Generic Profit and Loss Statement. This will add lines for a generic profit and loss statement. The statement line will be linked to the QuickBooks account by doing a key word search.


QuickBooks Std Statement. This will add statement lines that are similar to a standard QuickBooks Profit and Loss statement.


Copy From Existing Statement. This will give you the option of copying the Statement lines from an existing statement.


Import From An Excel File. This will import the statement lines from an Excel file.


When importing the statement lines from Excel the following screen will appear.

   1. Click on the 'Choose File' button and open the Excel file from your disk.

   2. Click on the 'Upload File' button.

   3. Enter, or except default value, the Excel column number that contains the statement lines.

   4. Enter, or except the default, for the row number in Excel that has the first statement line.

   5. Enter, or except the default, for the row number in Excel that has the last row number.

   6. Optionally enter the Excel column that contains the QuickBooks account that the statement line is to be assigned to.

Some issues with the Excel import. Sometimes Excel imports some hidden characters that are not properly recognized by our App. When this happens, the columns may not be properly lined up in the Editor. To correct this problem, place your cursor, in the editor, at the beginning of the line, back space to make sure you are at the beginning, then retype the line description. After retyping, delete the rest of the line by using the 'delete' button on your keyboard. Then use the 'Refresh' (ALT +R) function. To determine which lines are not properly lined up, we recommend you start with the first line that has numbers.



Import From A Template File. From this option you can import the Statement lines from an Excel file. The file will need to exist on you local machine. All totaling and formating will be copied from the template file. The statement line will still need to be assigned to the appropriate QuickBooks accounts. This can be done from the account assignments maintenance page.



None- Enter statement lines directly into the editor. Statement lines can be typed directly into the Statement Editor. See 'Statements' help for more information.