When adding a new Trial Balance, it can be filtered by Class, Division, Dept, or Location. See 'Trial Balance' for more information about adding a new Trial Balance.

To create a Trial Balance with only the data from a particular Class, Division, Dept, or Location, select the appropriate Class/Dept from the 'Filter By' drop down box on the appropriate Trial Balance record. By default only one Class/Dept can be included in each Trial Balance. If more than one Class/Dept is needed, contact support about activating the 'Multiple Class' feature for your account.



To select multiple Classes and/or Dept's, click on the 'Multiple' option in the filter drop down box. then click on the 'Update T/B' button. This will bring up the following screen.



From this screen, select the Classes and/or Dept's that you wish to include in the selected trial balance. If you wish to include all of the sub classes of a class, check the 'Include all Sub Classes' check box. Selections can have multiple selection criteria. To add additional criteria, click on the 'Add Additional Selections' button, then select your next criteria. When the selection is competed, click on the 'Continue' button. Your selection will be saved and the trial balance will be updated to reflect your selections.