If the QuickBooks Online company becomes disconnected after it is originally added (see adding a new company), it can be reconnected from the 'QuickBooks Data' menu on the main Editor page, Click on the 'Trial Balances Setup / Update' to get to this Trial Balance maintenance page. A company must be loaded before this menu item is available.


For additional reconnection information and options, click here.  

The company must be connected to QuickBooks before the trial balances can be updated from the QuickBooks accounting program. When the Online company is first loaded it is connected to QuickBooks. If you wish to disconnect from QuickBooks Online, click on the 'QuickBooks DIsconect' menu item.

NOTE: Because of the type of connection to a QuickBooks DeskTop company, functions that require update from QuickBooks will take extended time to process. These include creation of new statements, exporting and updating statements to Excel and updating from the Trial Balance Maintenance page.

When the company becomes disconnected from QuickBooks it can be reconnected by clicking on the 'Connect to QuickBooks' menu item. That will bring up the following screen. Click on the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button.


After clicking on the "Connect to QuickBooks' button the following pop-up will come up. Select the company that you wish to reconnect and follow the prompts.