This Statement Wizard offers several choices to create your Statements.  If additional functionality is needed or if the Statements need to be modified, this can be done using the 'Statement Maintenance' functions. See Statement Maintenance for more information on modifying Statements.


To start your new Statement, select the 'Create New Statement' from the 'Statement Wizard' drop down menu. A company must be loaded before a Statement can be created. See 'Companies' help.


After selecting 'Create New Statement', the following page will come up: From this page accept the default setting or modify the Header information, the type of Statement, and/or the Column information.


After competing the requested information, click on the 'Create Statement' button. Once the statement is created you can make modifications or select additional steps from the editors 'Statement Wizard' drop down menu (see above). The following 'Statement Wizard' pages are available.


To add lines to the Statement, see the 'Statement Body Lines' Wizard help.

To assign Statement lines to the QuickBooks accounts, see the 'Account Assignments' Wizard help.

To add total and calculation formula, see the 'Totals/Formulas' Wizard help.

After original setup, to add a new QuickBooks account to the Statement, see the 'Add New Accounts to Statements'.


To view a video about the Statement Wizard, Click Here.