You may want a statement column that has a different end of period date than the current report period. An example of this is a statement column that shows the full year for a prior period or for the budget. This functionality is not available using the Statement Wizard, but can be done using the Trial Balance and Statement maintenance function.  Following are the steps to create this type of statement column.


1. Start a new statement using the Statement Wizard. Select all the columns you want, except the full year column. If you already have a statement setup, this step can be skipped.


2. Add a trial balance that will be used for the full year trial balance. After adding the new trial balance, update the end of period date to the end of the year that you wish to display. See Trial Balance Data for how to add a new trial balance. See the paragraph 'Update selected columns' on how to set the end of period for that trial balance to the end of year date.


3. Add a new column to the statement and, assign to it, the trial balance created in step 1. See Statement Column Maintenance for how to add a new column to a statement and to assign it to a trial balance.