After a new statement setup is completed, if may be necessary to add a new account to QuickBooks or to start using an inactive account that was not assigned to a statement line during the original setup. When this happens, in order to have the new accounts information appear on the statements, it is necessary to assign the account to a statement line.


The Statement Wizard 'Add New QuickBooks Account' can be used to add the new account. see the 'Add New Accounts to Statements' for more information on this function.

Or follow the steps below to add a new QuickBooks account to an existing statement.  


First make sure your trial balances have been updated since the new account was added to QuickBooks. This is done from the Trial Balance maintenance page. For additional information on updating the Trial Balance click here.


Next, if a new statement line is to be added, insert a new blank line in the statement. For additional information on adding a new blank line to the statement, click here.


After a new line is added to the statement or if the account is to be added to an existing line, go to the 'Assign Trial Balance Accounts' page and assign the new account to the appropriate statement line. For additional information on assigning QuickBooks accounts to statement line click here. 


If the account has been assigned to a new statement line that has been added, it will be necessary to add the new line to the appropriate total lines. For more information on total lines click here. The new line  may also need to be formated. For more information on formating, click here.