In order for the eClientLink app to get information from QuickBooks desktop version, the QuickBooks Web Connector program must be running on the same computer where QuickBooks is located.

If after installing the Web Connector, it is not communicating with eClientLink, you can review the following trouble shooting information. It may also be necessary to reset the Web Connector installation and reinstall it.


1. The Web Connector must be running on the same machine where the QuickBooks program is normally run. It can be hidden by clicking on the 'Hide' button, but it must be running. The QuickBooks program does not normally need to be running. In some cases, leaving the QuickBooks running may solve the problem. If this happens it is usually a security issue. Please contact support at,  for more information on the possible security issues.

2. The Web Connector must be configured to Auto-Run every 1 minute. By watching the program you should be able to see that it is contacting eClientLink on a regular basis to exchange information.

3. The QuickBooks preferences for the eClientlink App must be set to 'Allow this application to log-in automatically'. This setting can be found in the QuickBooks program at Edit/Preferences/Integrated Applications/Company Preferences. From this page highlight the eClientlink app and click on 'Properties' .

4. If the connection  to eClientLink continues to fail to work, it may be necessary to reset the Web Connector program (see below) and rerun the company setup procedure. In some cases, It may be possible to rerun the company setup procedure and not reset the Web Connector program.

5. If the connection continues to fail, please contact eClientLink support at .

Following are the steps to reset the Web Connector.

1. Remove the eClientLink application from the Web Connector. For this step the QuickBooks program and the Web Connector must be open. In the Web Connector program click on the 'Remove' button next to the eClientLink application.

2. In the QuickBooks program open the 'Integrated Applications' pop up window (Edit/Preferences/Integrated Applications/Company Preferences). The following pop-up window will be displayed.

Select the eClientLink Statement Writer application, and click on 'Remove' . Then click on OK. This completes the resetting of the Web Connector.