Financial statements and reports can be produced from the information in the QuickBooks accounting program. This is done by downloading, from QuickBooks, Trial Balance information.


A starting Statement can be created using the 'Create Statement' Wizard. See the 'Create Statement' Wizard for more information.

To load an existing statement, select the statement from the drop down menu.

The eClientLink Editor gets the Trial Balance accounting data from the QuickBooks accounting program by using the data access feature of the QuickBooks accounting program. This access is mostly invisible to the user and once set up, it can be updated with a simple one click. Each company can have an unlimited number of Trial Balances. Each Trial Balance can be a different type of data, like year to date, month, quarter, actual or budget, cash flow, Class, Division, Location, and each Trial Balance can have a  separate end of period date. The end of period date can be changed by a simple one click button.


After the Trial Balance data has been updated, the statement editor can be used to place the balances from the Trial Balance on the financial statement. The placement of the information is almost free form. The description on any line can be entered in the editor in any way desired. There is no requirement for the description to be the same as the Trial Balance account description or for the order of the lines to be the same as the order of the accounts in the Trial Balances. Any account(s) can be added to any line. Several accounts can be placed on a single line. Multiple accounts on the same line will be automatically totaled. Not all lines require Trial Balance account assignments, like headers, footers, and statement section headings. Columns can be added for any of the Trial Balance data or for calculations.


After the line description and account assignments has been completed, the lines can be further formated for bold, underline double underline, currency sign, reverse sign, hidden columns and rows, etc.


Printing of the statements can be done directly from the Editor or the statement can be exported to Excel for further analysis, calculations, and formating. A grouping schedule can also be printed that shows what statement line the Trial Balance accounts have been assigned.

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