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Non-Profit reporting has some unique challenges. Your QuickBooks Online setup need to be done in a way that will permit the capturing of the data needed for reporting.

Although there are several different ways a non-profit can be setup, We suggest the following:


Generally in most non-profits, the resources of the organization are separated by "Funds". A fund is a specific resources within your organization that you wish to track separately.

Examples of types of Funds:

   Unrestricted activities.
   Restricted activities. A restricted activity, the funds resources must be used to support the given activity.
   Designated funds.

We recommend using the QuickBooks Classes to separate fund activities. See statement example for possible restricted funds.


Knowing how a particular program is doing is something many non-profits want to track. A program is an activity of an organization, that is geared to accomplish a certain goal or set of goals. Programs are not funds, they may use the resources from one or more funds.

We recomment using QuickBooks Departments to report programs.

Examples of programs are:

   Provide conseling for troubled teens.
   Add a new room to the main building.
   Recruit a new administrator.

Chart of Accounts:

The Chart of Accounts if the heart of your accounting system. Every transaction is assigned to at least two accounts. We recommend that the Chart of Accounts should be relatively standard. It should not generally be used to track Funds or Programs.

Example of typical chart of accounts for Revenue, Expenditures and Capital Expenditures:

Individual Contributions
Corporate and Business Grants 
Foundations and Trusts Grants 
Government Contracts

Community Event and Fund Raising Cost
Automobile and Travel
Bank Charges
Dues & subscriptions
Interest Paid
Legal & Professional Fees
Licenses and Taxes
Miscellaneous Expense
Office/General Administration
Rent or Lease of Buildings
Repair & Maintenance
Supplies & Materials
Truck & Vehicle Expense
Wages and Salaries
Wages and Salaries Payroll Taxes

Truck Purchase
New Building